Frazier's self-titled debut album is a sucker punch to the heart that is both tragically romantic yet wildly satirical.  With a sense of Seussian sophistication, Frazier aims to bridge the gap between heart & head and challenge the audience with every lyric to entertain thoughts long buried.


Frazier was introduced to music at 11, receiving his first Sears model acoustic guitar on Christmas morning.  He didn't have a guitar lesson until the age of 13, but that didn't stop him from "air-guitaring" for a good 2 years behind closed doors.Frazier was consumed by a practice schedule of 4-6hrs a day and soon became a force to be reckoned with on his axe.  He began making his living as a guitar teacher and "gun for hire" playing live and in-studio sessions. This exposed him to a culture of music that demanded discipline and refinement on a daily basis.

Frazier eventually took a detour from his music career after graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in biology. In 2008 he left for UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for 4 years. During that time, the music was put on the shelf, but not forgotten.  Frazier continued to write and took time to listen to the life experiences of those around him. This has inspired at least half of his work.  After school, he became a small animal Veterinarian which finally afforded him the freedom to resume his musical career.

Everything has led to this...the story of a life on hold with a long overdue day of reckoning; a quarter-life "coming of age" tale…with all the salt and swagger you'd expect from a charm school dropout. For better or worse, this is Frazier.